Vault Pickups - only the very best

JMG Proudly uses Vault pickups in all of our guitars. The master pickup makers at Vault have spent years fine tuning what will become known as the world's premier boutique pickup maker.

Vault takes the approach that every pickup is crucial to the tone journey we are all on. From the wire to the magnets, every detail has been meticulously analyzed for superior tone. Every pickup is tested to meet only the best quality standards, and serialized before it's shipped.
Thanks Vault Pickups for the best tone!


Tellystone Pack – Vault's traditional T-type set consisting of "TellyDancer" bridge and "NeckRomancer" neck coils.



It's a given that most T-type players expect "twang" from the bridge pickup. Vault has expanded this traditional aspect with added depth and piano clarity, revealing multiple dimensions of twang. Single note attack pushes the amp with acoustic guitar-like authority, while well defined intervals, double stops and double stop bends bloom/blossom with sweet harmonic overtones.
If you still wanna call it "Twang"… or maybe "Twang-o-liciousness", that's your business. We call it the TellyDancer!





The NeckRomancer offers buttery smoothness and honey-like overtones reminiscent of the finest 50's vintage T-type neck pickups it seems to channel. Along with Vault's own dimensionality for the modern player, this neck pickup caters to a wide array of playing situations without compromise. Some may prefer coverless for a feistier nature, but we recommend trying the standard cover first. Either way, NeckRomancer has openness and depth you don't expect from a single coil neck pickup.




Pork Chop Vintage Hots

(P-90 style set, bridge and neck voiced)

Pork Chop - Uncovered
Pork Chop - Dog Ear Black
Pork Chop - Soap Bar Cream


Throughout most of the 50's, the P-90 represented THE electric guitar sound on countless recordings by Jazz/Swing, Rockabilly, Blues and Country pickers. And many of those recordings were big hits. Even a decade later at the Woodstock festival we saw P-90 equipped guitars in the performances of Carlos Santana, Pete Townshend, Leslie West and others. Too often overshadowed by its hum cancelling sibling, the P-90's role grew increasingly narrow until we see it mostly pigeonholed as a "brutal" application pickup. And many modern dayP-90's are voiced for just that—a brutal/blunt sound.

Voiced & wound for modern aggressive players, Vault's Pork Chop Vintage HOT pickups retain everything found in 50's era vintage P-90's. A wider resonance was added for extra sizzle on top and more fat on the bottom, with plenty of mean overtones in between! We don't make "dumbed down" P-90s! All Vault Pork Chop coils will stand up to any single coil or humbucker for depth and clarity.




Lil' Sister Humbucker

(Set voiced for bridge and neck)

Loosely based on a sweetheart vintage '59 PAF we know, Lil' Sister is a naughtier baby sibling with a cold blooded twist that resonates heat without flab, from neck to tail-- and all points in between. Vault's trademark sonic depth & harmonic dimensionality is barbed with a tube teasing insolence of the kind you don't take home to mother. Lil' Sister's tones are both timeless and tactless in a tempting way… A humbucker with plenty of spunk & junk in the trunk, she is wound and tuned for bang-shang-a-lang. Obviously, we get very excited describing these humbuckers in words. That's because it's even more exciting playing with them. And the Lil' Sister is barely legal! John McGuire's HSS configurations combine Vault's Lil' Sister bridge HB with a pair of sweet singles modeled from an especially saucy vintage '56 coil.

Note: Vault's Lil' Sister is produced exclusively for John McGuire Guitars. Contact Vault for help in determining the right humbucker for your needs!


Timbertone and Sugartone S-type single coils

Timbertone Middle Coil

The Timbertone middle coil gets its name from the woody timbres of SRV's middle pickup position shuffle grooves. Where all too many S-type middle coils lack presence and personality, Vault's Timbertone provides a throaty midrange translation that articulates raked double-stops with mesquite smoked brisket flavor. Just take our word for this, alright.

Sugartone Neck Coil

The Sugartone neck coil has a wide-open dimensional warmth and definition with lots of room to explore. You expect fat in any neck pickup— in fact, fat and boomy is usually unavoidable. And lowering it only weakens everything. Now imagine neck response that's buttery sweet, gooey and crisp like a big bacon wrapped caramel apple. Vault's Sweet '56 series Sugartone is the perfect recipe for groove.

Note: Conventional pickup specs i.e. k-ohm, AlNiCo & wire types are not included here. Although commonly provided, such specs only vaguely indicate the true nature of a guitar pickup's performance parameters. For info. on Vault pickups, please use the contact form at