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A little JOHN MCGUIRE History
From being in a guitar manufacturing and music retail environment since he was in diapers, John McGuire has been around the block and has unique knowledge of what the high end clientele expect from their instruments. guitarBrought up by his father, famed luthier Mike McGuire, you could imagine the list of artists he has learned this from as well! From experience John has taken what he has learned from artists and his father's attention to detail to bring a seriously state of the art, menacing, yet articulate, "go to" weapon for a player's arsenal! <<READ MORE>>


Tone Socket:
Advantage - quick adjustment without mechanical degradation or failure benefit - ease of adjustment allowing perfect player setup

Straight String Headstock Pull:
Advantage - perfectly straight strings from tailpiece to tuners benefit - better dispertion of string tension before and after the nut

Deep Cutaway:
Advantage - the way it should have always been benefit - full acess and function in the upper fret range

In The News

CLICK HERE, to read an article published in the Tonequest Report V.15 N.2 December 2013.


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John McGuire annouces the newest European Distribitor QGuitars.
Rijksweg 34
5125 NA Hulten
Contact: info@qguitars.nl

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Kennewick, WA 99336
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Thanks John for the great guitar...
Great sound, unique style, truely a working man's guitar.
Joe Birch - Musician
Pittsburgh PA