John McGuire History

From being in a guitar manufacturing and music retail environment since he was in diapers, John McGuire has been around the block and has unique knowledge of what the high end clientele expect from their instruments. Growing and working side by side with his father, famed luthier Mike McGuire, you could imagine what John has learned from artists and his fathers attention to detail. John McGuire creates a serious state of the art, articulate, menacing, "go to" weapon for a player's arsenal.

John built his own guitar at the age of eleven out of scrap materials in his father's old shop in North Hollywood. Since then he caught the bug and followed along as his family moved to Nashiville, TN. He began to work at the Gibson Custom Shop after school at the age of sixteen cleaning up the shop. After high school, John went to school for CAD at ITT in Nashville, while still working at the Custom Shop in Final Assembly, and Shipping. He graduated in 1998. He then moved into the Engineering Department of the Custom Shop, where under the best of the best, he learned the true ins and outs of guitar building and CNC programming. John Then became the Special Project Manager where he was to oversee all kinds of special promotional and artist projects from start to finish. Throughout this time he also created some of the coolest instruments that are still in production!image

In early 2004 John left Gibson's Custom Shop and moved to Boston, MA to work for First Act, Inc. He was their Production Manager of their custom. He took over the Custom Shop in 2007. Throughout this time he was able to work on some of the coolest things for artists. Doing whatever the artist wanted as difficult as you could imagine it was still very educational. He worked with some of the best luthiers in the FA Custom Shop and the experience shows in John McGuire Guitars!
John McGuire Guitars! Whooda thunk it?



What new techniques do you use?
I use only the finest, best and most interesting techniques in the world! Just kidding! The biggest thing is that I am a huge numbers guy and try to get everything within .010" tolerance (if possible!) Also The burning technique for some of the finishes. I use a propane torch that I run side to side across the body and and make sure that I spend a little bit more time on all the roundovers and edges this makes them look nicely toasted!

How long does it take to create a one of a kind guitar?
Each guitar is custom made to the buyers unique specs. It's done when it's done, man.

Your guitars are made here in the USA?
Yup, right here is Somerville, MA

You have partnered up with Vault Pickups?
Through a friend in the business!

How has that worked out so far?
Awesome those guys are fantastic! And full of knowledge!

What is different in a John McGuire Guitar?
Innovation where it counts without looking stupid!

What kind of interest is there in the market?
There is a lot of buzz out there on The Tradition line, Stay Tuned!

How can dealers carry your line of custom guitars?
Contact our sales department at